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Krys Maas is dead.
But you can't just sit here and do nothing.
Go explore the world in order to revive him.

I went into this Gamejam with my friend Ardos, he made the character, clothes, animations and voice. Go check his profile !

The game was made for "My first Game jam : Winter 2020".

The theme was "cold".

Controls :
- Z : Forward
- S : Backward
- Q : Left
- D : Right
- Space : Jump
- Left Shift : Sprint
- i : Inventory
- E : Interact with objects
- Left click : open door

Install instructions

You just have to extract the .zip file and launch Krys Maas is dead.exe and (i think) it should be fine !


krys-maas-is-dead.zip 68 MB


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i think need  fix

Indeed, that's the most problematic thing in the game, clothes are really hard to catch. It works generally better if you put the camera between you and the piece of clothing.

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yes .. so hard but i like idea this game ..i think change mode game for make easy ...but story crazy ;D